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The Data and Notes Tabs

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to cover two more tabs: The Data Tab and the Notes Tab.

The Data Tab is the tab that shows us the Open High Low Close and volume data for each individual chart. This is the data used to build our charts.

We give you the ability to both export, or print this data, as well as control over seeing two digit, or four digit precision.

On occasion, you may get a bad tic entry from the exchange, a typo you might say, so we also give you the ability to manually change each data field, simply by clicking on it, enter the corrected data, and then hit enter to confirm the change.

The change will then immediately be reflected on the corresponding chart.

The next tab I want to talk about is the Notes Tab.

The Notes Tab is basically just that. It's a place for you to take notes based on each individual chart. This is not a global note pad, but an individual chart note, which will remain with this chart, until you delete the chart from your chart book list.

That's just a quick summary of the Data, and the Notes Tab.

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