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The Reports Tab

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to cover the Reports Tab. The Reports Tab is where we do much of our primary market research. You'll notice that by coming over here and selecting the third tab in the list, this is the reports tab.

You'll notice that the default is set to the Most Active. So we wanted to see the most active specific report, based on the US Composite Report. Now, we can click this drop down and we're going to see that we can either scale that down to be just the NASDAQ report, so we can see just the most active on the NASDAQ for the day. We can see most active on the New York Stock Exchange for the day, or we can see the AMEX. This is the most active on the AMEX.

Of course, we can come back and we can say, Composite Again. As you can see, we have a number of different reports here. We can see the Most Active, Most Up In Percent, Most Down In Percent, Unusual rise in volume of the trade, or Unusual fall in volume of the trade. Those are interesting to see. You can come in here and say I want to see the unusual rise in volume. Then, when it draws the most unusual rise in volume, you can see them listed here. Of course, just by clicking on the symbol down here it opens up the chart, and you can see that it does have a large rise in price over here represented over here on the chart itself.

So, that's just a quick summary of some of the things we can do in the Reports Tab.

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