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How to Add Paper Money to Your Account

Video Transcript

In this video, we’re going to show you how to deposit money into your simulated trading account for Track 'n Trade Stocks.

This can be done for several different reasons. One, to track your actual market trades, by setting Track ‘n Trade up to mirror your live money trades, or you can use it as a trade simulator, both moving forward in time, as well as going back in time and practicing your trading strategies on historical data.

First, open the accounting window by sliding the lower window up.

Click the Deposit button, which brings up our deposit slip.

Since Track ‘n Trade is a time machine, you can use the date calendar to choose the date you want the deposit to appear. (Notice that we already start your account with 50,000.00 for simulation purposes.)

You can add or subtract from this total with your own deposits and withdrawals to set your own starting amount.

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