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The Bulls 'n Bears Advantage

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to demonstrate two of our most popular Proprietary Indicators. These Indicators are bundled together in our Bulls 'n Bears Advantage Plug-In.

These two tools are Indicators that we here at Gecko Software have developed from our 23 years of trading experience. We have found these two Indicators to out-shine all other Indicators that we've tested them against. It's for this reason that we keep these two highly coveted formulas as company trade secrets.

You'll find these two Indicators in Track 'n Trade listed first as the Bulls 'n Bears and the other listed as the Advantage Lines. Both Indicators are Overlay Indicators, and can be found in the Overlay Indicator right click menu.

The Advantage Lines are not your traditional Moving Averages. This Advantage Line’s System is, again, a Proprietary Hybrid Moving Average System designed to help us get early entry signals without incurring all the whipsaw. It eliminates much of the whipsaw that you see with the traditional moving average system.

The other Indicator is the Bulls 'n Bears. If we right click on the screen, come down to chart Overlays, click Bulls 'n Bears, it is also, again, a Proprietary Indicator that helps identify Bullish trends, by turning the price bars green, neutral trends, by turning the price bars yellow, and red trends, by turning the price bars red.

To access the settings for these two Indicators we need to first open the Preferences Tab.

Once we're on the Preferences Tab, you can see that we have two tiles over here in the right hand corner. One is BNB, which stands for Bulls 'n Bears. The other is the ADV, or the Advantage Lines.

If we click the Advantage Lines tile, you'll notice the Advantage Lines Settings appear. If we click the BNB, or the Bulls 'n Bears tile, the Bulls 'n Bears Settings appear. We also have access to them through the right click menu, by right clicking on the screens, sliding down to Overlay Preferences.

This is just a quick introduction to the Bulls ‘n Bears Advantage, we delve further into the advanced functionality of these two proprietary tools in other videos

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