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Placing Market Orders

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to demonstrate how to use the Historical Trade Simulator.

Let’s start by placing a simple Market Order. A Market Order is an order sent to the market with no other instructions, other than to simply fill my order as soon as possible; at the current market price.

You can use a Buy Market Order if you want to enter the market or purchase stock; or you can have a Sell Market Order if you want to exit the market, or liquidate stock that you currently hold.

Let's say we want to go long Apple. We place an order by entering the quantity of shares in this box here, then hit submit.

This places a marker on the screen, as you can see, to buy 100 At the Market, notice that the triangle is open, meaning that it has not yet been filled. It fills at the next price bar open, which is the next opportunity for the market to fill. So, we're going to step the market forward, and it fills our order, as you can see, it's now a red triangle. We are now long 100 shares of Apple at this price level.

As we move the market forward, or back, we can see our portfolio value increase or decrease as the market moves, either in our favor, or against our position.

That's a simple Market Order within Track 'n Trade's Historical Trade Simulator.

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