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Adding Trailing Stop Orders

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to demonstrate how to place a Trailing Stop Order within Track 'n Trade Stocks. A Trailing Stop Order is a protective order designed to get us out of the market if the market moves against our position.

Now, let's say in this example we are long Apple, and the market has rallied in our favor. We are showing a positive gain at this point, and want to protect ourselves against a downside move.

Let’s place an auto-trailing stop. Click the BS button in the right hand corner, and drag it up and down on the screen.

Let’s drag ‘n drop this Sell Stop Order just behind the market. You can see the details of the order in the order ticket Box on the accounting tab, in this case, we’re selling 100 on a Stop at the pre-specified price where we dropped our order.

If the market continues to move in our favor, we can continue to click and drag the order along with the advancing market.

Alternatively, we can have Track ‘n Trade Automatically move the order for us, by attaching the order to a mathematically calculated trailing stop location, in this case, let’s use the Bulls ‘n Bears Blue Light System.

Simply highlight the on-screen order, click the Trailing Stop box in the order ticket, select BNB Blue Light, and then confirm the new instructions by clicking Place.

Now, when the market advances, and the Blue Lights trail along behind the market, Track ‘n Trade will automatically update your trailing stop with each new blue light.

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