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How To Scale and Scroll Charts

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to demonstrate Chart Scaling and Scrolling within Track 'n Trade. I'm doing this demonstration in the Stocks version of Track 'n Trade. But these features are exactly the same whether you're using Track 'n Trade Stocks, Futures, or Forex.

The first thing I want to make note of, is that we are looking inside of the box that creates the drawing area for the chart. This is how we want to control how the chart is displayed within this drawing area. The first thing I want to note is that we have borders. You'll notice that the little grey lines up here at the top with an arrow indicate the upper border region. That's controlled by hovering your mouse over the top of that arrow, and dragging it up or down to increase that margin area above the chart.

We also have one for the lower border. You can drag that up increasing the lower margin area, of where the chart draws within that chart drawing square. We also have one that controls the right margin which is down here in the dateline. You'll notice this little arrow. We can control where that chart draws a right margin as well. By setting the margin, we can save those margin settings by saying Apply Settings To All Charts or Save Settings As My Defaults. We have now reset the margin areas for our chart.

The next thing I want to talk about is the scrolling and the scaling. You'll notice that the Price Bar down the side, has a split between it. It has a dashed line down through the center. If we hover our mouse to the left of the dashed line, and hold down the left mouse button and slide it up and down, you'll notice that we are going to scroll the chart up and down within the window.

If we hover the mouse on the right side of the center line, hold down the left mouse button, we're now going to scale the chart to a smaller size or a larger size within the window.

We can also bring this back to center and back to within the scaling or automated scaling, (Automatic Scaling) by clicking this Center Chart Button, up here on the Button Bar. This will bring it back within the borders that we've previously set. We can also turn this feature on and off, through the right click Menu. Come in here and hit Autoscale Chart. We currently have the Autoscale chart turned on, if we come in and we manually scale or manually auto move the chart. That will automatically turn off the Autoscale feature. If we want to turn the Autoscale feature on we can either select it here, in the right click Menu. Or once again, we can click the center chart, which will also turn it back on.

We also have the same feature down on the bottom window. You'll notice that we have the scrolling and the scaling, not only for the up and down of the chart. We also have it for the right and left, by doing the same thing on the dateline. The upper region of the dateline is the scrolling back and forth. If we go to the lower region of the dateline, we then scale the chart in and out. If you would like to scale the chart in and out using the arrows on the side of each of the scroll and scale. That is an easy way of doing the same feature scrolling the chart in and out, as well.

The last feature I want to show you is the Proportional Width feature within Track 'n Trade. Proportional Width is what allows us to see a brighter or a wider Tic style. If we right click, we slide down to Proportional Width, and you'll notice that it's currently turned on. If I unselect that, the Price Bars go a little bit less bright. They become a thinner, single pixel Price Bar. If we want to turn those back on Proportional Width, it makes them a little bit brighter and little bit easier to see.

That's just a quick summary of the Scrolling, Scaliing and some of the chart features, within Track 'n Trade.

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