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Why Trade Stocks, Futures, & Forex?

Options Plug-In
- It's time to take control of your own financial future.

- According to the Wikipedia, Forex trades over $4 trillion on daily basis!

- Day traders love trading Futures, and Foreign Currency (Forex), because you can short the Futures and the Forex market without margin interest; unlike the stock market, therefore you can trade the long side just as easily as the short side, take long and/or short positions when the market goes up or down and even use automated systems.

- Online Forex Trading offers 50:1 leverage and online Futures trading offers 15:1 leverage or even higher. Higher leverage allows money to compound more quickly. However, a high degree of leverage can lead to larger losses as well as gains, and so requires proper risk management.

- You can trade from anywhere in the world, wherever you can gain Internet access; sitting on the beach, or hiking in the mountains.

- You will gain a tremendous amount of experience by trading via your free practice/demo account. Set up and trade your best trading systems on Autopilot!

- Demo accounts have live streaming quotes, just like the real market.  Practice any strategy, including Fibonacci, Elliott Wave, and Commitment of Traders without risking a dime!


More Than Just Software...


  • Free 14-Day Trial

    All Track 'n Trade Software, Plug-ins, and Data Services come with a FREE 14-Day, no risk trial.

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  • Amazing Customer Service

    Our customers are #1 and always have been the entire thirteen years we've been in the software business. You come first!

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  • Unique Trading Systems

    Trade with the famous Bulls 'n Bears Advantage Plug-in! You can also set up your own unique trading systems using Autopilot for Track 'n Trade LIVE Futures or Forex.

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  • In-House Technical Support

    Call us TOLL FREE for any technical questions. Talk directly to a skilled technician who will help you solve any issues with the software.

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  • Practice Trading

    Track 'n Trade Futures Charting Software & Forex & Stocks Trading Software each have the ability to paper trade using real data. Don't risk a penny until you gain confidence with practice.

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  • Training, Training, Training!

    Each product you invest in includes multimedia educational training that shows you how to use each tool with skill and confidence.

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