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The design of this software emphasizes visual investing. Using well thought-out graphics for orders and analytics, you can accomplish a number of tasks with just a few mouse-clicks. This software is built for the experienced trader who uses visual setups and wants speed in order execution. The ordering interface is quick and easy to use, along with being able to have multiple orders on multiple time frames. Again the graphics used with the orders is excellent along with being able to alter orders by clicking and dragging. The two-week demo is well worth your time, and there are a number of videos as well as a helpful staff

Stocks & Commodites Magazine

Volume 27, Number 10

"As a professional trader, I have used a variety of software to trade my proprietary accounts. I have been using Track n' Trade for almost a year, and it is without question the most feature rich trading software on the market. I have used computers since 1979, and the programming that went into both the futures and stocks platforms is unparalleled. One of the many features is that it allows options writers to use a variety of tools to determine if options are over or under valued, as well as the ability to see options trades on a chart. For chartists, It is a visual paradise. There are too many features to describe properly. If you don't own this software, you are losing out on a profitable opportunity because Track n' Trade gives you a huge edge in the markets" 

Michael Gibbons

The only four time winner of Timer Digest’s Timer of the Year Award

"The Track 'n Trade suite of products is hands down the best trading tools available on the market today. With its customizable interface you can tweak the look and feel to however you want with the click of a mouse. What the team at Gecko Software has done with their software is marry simplicity and effectiveness allowing the trader to save tons of time when analyzing the markets. Probably my favorite indicators are the risk/reward and dollar calculators, with a simple click and drag you can find out how much a potential trade will cost if you're wrong and what the potential gain is if you're right. These two buttons alone are worth the price of the software."

Craig G

Ontario, Canada

Track 'n Trade Live has multiple different charting options, where you can select from any increment of one minute charts, plus, daily charts, weekly charts, monthly charts and range charts, and this is just one of the many ways that Track 'n Trade Live is highly customizable. There is a wealth of education to help you get up-to-speed in no time. Track 'n Trade Live Trading Platforms and Charting Software are offered as a free 14-day trial.

PitNews Magazine

Volume 8, Number 9

"Having had a chance to look more thoroughly at your software, I think it is some way ahead of the pack, and will be recommending it to others. It is very useful to be able to combine technicals, seasonals and COT all in one framework, and don't know of any other product like it."

Tom E

London, United Kingdom

"I've only been at this 1 year. I've spent thousands on a couple of different systems and training. Nothing is quite like this."

Ely M

Georgia, United States

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