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Track 'n Trade AutoPilot Automated Trading System

Automated Trading Tailored to Your Needs

Seamless Trading With the Autopilot Plug-in

Create, test and execute your own trading systems
  • Effortlessly Backtest Your Strategies: Validate your trading methods with robust backtesting functionality.
  • One-Click Trading: Streamline your trading process with quick, single-click executions.
  • Build Strategies Without Programming: Point, click, and you're done - no need for complex coding.
  • Auto-Optimization and Quick Calculation: Make adjustments on the fly, and let Autopilot instantly recalculate results for optimal profitability.
  • Freedom to Enjoy Life: Don't let trading consume your time. With Autopilot executing your customized strategies, you're free to go and enjoy the things you love most.

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Design, Test, and Implement Unique Trading Systems

Unleash Your Trading Ingenuity

Design, Test, and Implement Unique Trading Systems

Leverage Customizable Indicators and Entry/Exit Points
  • Design Unique Automated Trading Systems: Craft and test your strategies using one or multiple indicators.
  • Flexibility to Combine Systems: Use Advantage Lines as your primary trading system and Bulls 'n Bears as a condition, or explore countless other combinations.
  • Customizable Indicators: Each indicator is adjustable, paving the way for an endless array of trading strategy combinations.
  • Tailor Your Entry and Exit Points: Define your strategy with customizable elements like:
    • Stop/Limit orders
    • Days of the week/Time of Day
    • Trailing stops
    • Jump stops
    • And Much More!

Effortless Trading with Advanced Automation

Effortless Trading with Advanced Automation

Backtest and Fine-tune for Optimal Performance

Trade Continuously and Reliably, Even When You’re Away
  • Backtest and Optimize: Use historical data to ensure your strategy is as robust as it can be*
  • Fine-Tune On-The-Fly: Adjust your strategy as needed with instant result visualization
  • Live Test Your Strategies: Run your approach in a simulated account for real-time performance assessment
  • Non-Stop Trading Assistant: Autopilot never sleeps or tires, keeping your trades moving day and night
  • Maintain Your Lifestyle: Enjoy time with family and friends while Autopilot manages your trades
  • Create Your Unique Systems: Custom build and test strategies using one or more indicators
  • Versatility At Its Best: Use Advantage Lines, Bulls 'n Bears, or any combination for different trading strategies
  • Customizable Indicators: Allow for a wide array of trading strategy combinations
  • Define Entry and Exit Points: Opt for stop/limit orders, days of the week/time of day, trailing stops, jump stops, and more to suit your needs.

Craft Your Trading Strategy with the User-Friendly Control Panel

No Coding Required - Seamlessly Customize Your Trading System

Set Parameters For Indicator Selection, Trade Quantity, And Time Constraints

Streamline Your Trading with Autopilot System Setup

Customize Your Trading Strategy with Ease

Set Parameters for Indicator Selection, Trade Quantity, and Time Constraints
  • Select your desired indicator or trading system for automated execution.
  • Specify a confirmation indicator for added validation.
  • Define the quantity of shares or contracts to be traded
  • Set trading preferences, such as continuous trading or single trade mode.
  • Configure time restraints for start and end times, along with specific trading days.
  • Tailor your strategy to your preferences with user-defined variables.
  • Combine Autopilot with Track 'n Trade's Proprietary Bulls 'n Bears Trading System 

Tailor Your Entry Order and Customize Filters

Enter the Market with Precision Using Autopilot Entry Strategies

Tailor Your Entry Order and Customize Filters

Stay in Control with Advanced Entry Signal Filters
  • Choose between market orders, limit orders, or stop orders for precise entry.
  • Utilize the "Gap Up" filter to skip using stop or limit orders in case of market gaps.
  • Setup Thrust Signal Prevention to avoid entering the market during rapid price surges.
  • Apply Inactive Market Signal Prevention to prevent entry during periods of low volatility.
  • Define trading direction (long, short, both).
  • Explore cross-chart trading by incorporating trend signals from other selected charts.

Define Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, and Profit Targets

Secure Your Profits or Cut Your Losses with Autopilot Exit Strategies.

Define Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, and Profit Targets

Advanced Exit Filters and Swing Trading Options
  • Customize stop loss type: tics, points, or percentage based on your risk tolerance.
  • Implement Jump Stops to automatically adjust stop loss levels as the market moves in your favor, and to protect profits.
  • Set up trailing stops with various options: points, tics, %, or based on indicators.
  • Specify profit target with Limit order placement for effective profit-taking.
  • Utilize the auto exit filter to exit slow-moving markets.
  • Take quick profits on bursting markets with the profit exit filter based on dollar amount or percentage gain.
  • Choose between stop or limit orders for exit, or swing trade by reentering on primary entry signals.

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Track 'n Trade Autopilot

Track 'n Trade Autopilot Plug-in

Free 14-Day Trial

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Works With:

Windows  10 & 11
Mac  running a Windows emulator
such as Parallels, Bootcamp VMWare, VirtualBox, etc. 

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