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Bulls 'n Bears
Trading System
Bulls 'n Bears
Auto-Trading System
Autopilot  Auto-Trading System
Candlestick Auto-Recognition
Commitment of Traders
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Bulls 'n Bears Plugin

Bulls 'n Bears Advantage Plug-in

Illuminate Your Path to Trading Success

Bulls 'n Bears Advantage Plug-in turns your market analysis into a traffic signal system, making trading as simple as following the lights.

  • User-Friendly: Red, Green, and Yellow indicators for Bearish, Bullish, and Neutral trends.
  • Customizable: Modify the sensitivity to suit your trading style.
  • Risk Management: Blue Light Stop Placement moves with your trades, managing your risk.
  • Informed Decisions: The Ribbon Indicator helps filter less profitable Buy/Sell signals.
  • Additional Value: Comes with the Advantage Lines System, a hybrid moving average tool.


Autopilot Plugin

Autopilot Plug-in

Embrace the Future of Trading

Autopilot Plug-in takes your personalized trading strategy and executes it day and night, allowing you to live life without missing trading opportunities.

  • Efficient: One-click strategy building with no programming required.
  • Dynamic: Adjust and fine-tune your strategies on-the-fly with instant results.
  • Always on Duty: Autopilot never sleeps, trading even when you're away from your computer.
  • Personalized: All trades are placed using your unique trading system.
  • Time Freedom: Enjoy your life while Autopilot trades for you.


Candlestick Auto-Recognition Plugin

Candlestick Auto-Recognition Plug-in

Decode the Language of the Markets

Our Candlestick Auto-Recognition Plug-in identifies and highlights Japanese candlestick patterns on your chart, providing you with insightful buy and sell signals.

  • Auto-Recognition: Instantly identifies Japanese candlestick patterns.
  • Clear Indicators: Highlights patterns directly on the chart for easy visualization.
  • Flexible: Customize sensitivity and filter excess patterns with our Precision Control System.
  • Buy/Sell Signals: Receive immediate trade alerts based on recognized patterns.
  • Tailored Analysis: Never miss another important candle pattern again.


Commitment of Traders Plugin

Commitment of Traders (COT) Plug-in

Decipher Market Movements with Insider Information

Our COT Plug-in translates comprehensive government reports into actionable technical indicators with clear buy and sell signals.

  • Clear Indicators: Red, Blue, and Green bars representing commercial traders, large speculators, and small speculators respectively.
  • Comprehensive Data: Access to fundamental government reports made simple.
  • Informed Trading: Gain an edge by understanding market dynamics.
  • Buy/Sell Signals: Receive immediate trade signals based on market activities.
  • Customizable: Tailor the plug-in to your needs.


Seasonal Plugin

Seasonals Plug-in

Harness the Power of Historical Trends

Our Seasonals Plug-in provides a comprehensive historical view of price trends, allowing you to anticipate market movements based on seasonality.

  • Historical Overview: View price trends over time in a detailed concatenated graph.
  • Insightful: Understand the seasonal nature of market trends.
  • Comparative Analysis: Compare historical averages to current market prices.
  • Trend Indicator: See the general direction of a historical trends.
  • Strategic Planning: Plan your trades around key seasonal events.
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