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LIVE Futures Trading Platform

Trade Commodities like Gold, Crude Oil, and Livestock from Home!

**This video is for demonstration purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular financial instrument. There is risk of loss trading Stocks, Futures, Forex, or Options.

The Ultimate Trading Platform, Designed for the Visual Investor

  • Live Streaming Data
  • Standard and Customizable Time Frames (1min, 5min, 10min, daily, weekly, monthly etc.)
  • Customizable Range Bar (each bar moves certain number of tics before new bar is generated)
  • Real-time Monthly and Weekly Options Data
  • On-Chart Drag 'n Drop Order Placement
  • Live DOM (Depth of Market) Trading
  • Fast Order Execution Buttons
  • Market Entry, Exit, And OCO (One Cancels Other) Orders With A Single Mouse Click
  • Simple, Yet Powerful Graphical User Interface
LIVE streaming futures data, tic-by-tic.

LIVE streaming futures data, tic-by-tic.

Fibonacci, Elliott Wave, Gann & Andrews Pitchfork

  • Includes Fibonacci Tools like Time Zones, Fans, Arcs, Extensions and Retracements
  • Identify Crucial Elliot Wave Patterns Manually and Automatically
  • Measure Market Movements with Gann Fans and Andrews Pitchfork
  • Educational Videos that help you to learn how to utilize these amazing tools
Fibonacci Projections Extensions. Could using Fibonacci numbers help you predict the next trend?

Could using Fibonacci numbers help you predict the next trend?

Easy-to-read, User-Definable Buy/Sell Signals

  • User-Definable Up Arrows Indicate Buy, Down Arrows Indicate Sell, Simple As That
  • Easily Customizable Settings For All Your Favorite Indicators
Advantage Lines generate customizable signals telling you when to enter and exit the market.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results, there is risk of loss when trading futures.

Advantage Lines generate signals telling you when to enter and exit the market.

Easy-to-use Charting and Notation Tools

  • Easily Draw Trend Lines, Trend Channels and Wedges
  • Keep Notes on Your Chart With a Simple Text Tool
  • 123 Tool, Head & Shoulders Tool, Multi-Line Tool, and More...
Track 'n Trade Includes a wide range of drawing and notation tools

A wide range of drawing and notation tools

LIVE Options Trading

  • Trade Options in your real money or demo account
  • Drag 'n Drop order placements
  • Theoretical Value calculated using the Black & Scholes valuation Model
  • Multiple options on multiple commodities at the same time
  • Real-Time streaming options data
  • Learn More about Options
Trade options using Track 'n Trade Live Futures

Trade Live Options with Track 'n Trade LIVE Futures

Save all your Analysis from Day-to-Day

  • Save Your Futures and Options Trades In Order To Keep Your Progress
  • No More Starting Over Everyday With Online or Java Charts

Risk/Reward & PIP (Dollar) Calculators

  • Calculate Potential Risk and Reward
  • Manage Your Risk Assessment For Any Trade
  • Always Know What A Move In The Software Is Worth

Customize the Software for your Needs

  • Every Indicator Is Completely Customizable
  • Personalize Your Charts With Colors, Lines, Styles, Indicator Formulas, and Much More...

Place Orders Directly Through Track 'n Trade

  • Drag 'n Drop, One Click Trading
  • Place LIVE Orders Directly Through Track 'n Trade

Get These Amazing Customizable Indicators

check AD: Williams Accumulation/Distribution check FSTO: Fast Stochastics
check HVOL: Historic Volatility check MACD: Moving Average Conv/Div
check MOM: Momentum check %B: Percent Bollinger Bands
check V/OI: Volume/Open Interest check CCI: Commodity Channel Index
check DMI: Directional Movement Index check RSI: Relative Strength Index
check CCI: Commodity Channel Index check SSTO: Slow Stochastics
check BW: Bollinger Bandwidth check CMF: Chaikin Money Flow
check PPO: Percent Price Oscillator check ROC: Rate of Change
check SRSI: Stochastic Relative Strength Index check TRIX: Triple Exponential Average
check ATR: Average True Range check ...and much more!
Track 'n Trade LIVe Futures Trading Platform

LIVE streaming futures data, tic-by-tic.

The following are included in your Premium Bundle trial...

Bulls 'n Bears
Bulls 'n Bears
  • Proprietary formula generates user-definable Buy/Sell signals
  • Red Light/Green Light system identifies trends
  • Ribbon indicator displays trend strength
  • Advantage Lines
  • Build your own trading systems
  • Back-test your favorite indicators**
  • Automatically trade your strategy
Commitment of Traders
Commitment of Traders
  • Easily identify trends
  • Get early signals based on what the professional speculators are doing
Candlestick Auto-Recognition
Candlestick Auto-Recognition
  • Automatically identify and catalog candlestick formations
  • User-Definable Buy/Sell Signals with candlestick patterns
  • Apply external filters to help eliminate unwanted or overly aggressive signals
  • View historical averages
  • Identify seasonal trends
  • Calculate market probability
demo trading account
$50,000 Demo Account
  • Practice with Live Data
  • Paper trade risk free
  • Test your strategies and trading systems

**Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. See full risk disclosure for hypothetical limitations.

Questions: Call 1-800-862-7193, Ext. 2
Note: All subscription service terms are recurring