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The Ultimate Trading Platform Designed for the Visual Investor

**This video is for demonstration purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular financial instrument. There is risk of loss trading Stocks, Futures, Forex, or Options.

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  • Live Streaming Data
  • On-Chart Drag 'n Drop Order Placement
  • Trade The Worldwide Forex Market Live
  • Fast Order Execution Buttons
  • Market Entry, Exit, And One-Cancels-Other Orders With A Single Mouse Click
  • Simple, Yet Powerful Graphical User Interface

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Advanced drawing tools like Andrews Pitchforks and more!

CLICK IMAGE TO EXPAND. Could Tools Like Fibonacci & Elliott Wave Help You Predict The Next Trend?

Fibonacci & Elliott Wave
Gann & Andrews Pitchfork
  • Includes Fibonacci Tools like Time Zones, Fans, Arcs, Extensions and Retracements
  • Identify Crucial Elliot Wave Patterns Manually and Automatically
  • Measure Market Movements with Gann Fans and Andrews Pitchfork
  • Educational Videos that help you to learn how to utilize these amazing tools
Buy and Sell Signals
  • User-Definable Up Arrows Indicate Buy, Down Arrows Indicate Sell,
    Simple As That
  • Easily Customizable Settings For All Your Favorite Indicators
Get started trading the Forex market today. Download a FREE practice account.

CLICK IMAGE TO EXPAND. Screen Capture is for educational purposes only, does not factor in commissions and fees. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results, there is risk of loss when trading forex.

Award Winning Platform
5x Stocks & Commodities Award

Automated Forex Trading

  • Use your favorite indicators to build your own customizable strategy
  • Think you've created a successful Forex trading strategy? Use actual historical data to test it and make adjustments as necessary**
  • Set up your computer to be an automatic Forex trading robot using the Autopilot Plug-in for Track 'n Trade LIVE

Real-Time Charts and Quotes

  • Watch As Your Charts Update Tic By Tic, Live
  • Special! FREE Live subscription service when you open an FXCM account through Gecko Financial Services

Easy-To-Use Charting and Notation Tools

  • Easily Draw Trend Lines, Trend Channels and Wedges
  • Keep Notes on Your Chart With a Simple Text Tool
  • 123 Tool, Head & Shoulders Tool, Multi-Line Tool, and More...

Save All Your Analysis From Day-to-Day

  • Save Your Book Each Day In Order To Keep Your Progress
  • No More Starting Over Everyday With Online or Java Charts

Risk/Reward & PIP (Dollar) Calculators

  • Calculate Potential Risk and Reward
  • Manage Your Risk Assessment For Any Trade
  • Always Know What A Move In The Software Is Worth

Place Orders Directly Through Track 'n Trade

  • Drag 'n Drop, One Click Trading
  • Place LIVE Orders Directly Through Track 'n Trade
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    "Without question, Track 'n Trade is the most feature rich trading software on the market.

    For chartists, it is a visual paradise!"

    –Michael R. Gibbons

    Testimonial is not a guarantee of future success

The following are included in your Premium Bundle trial...

Bulls 'n Bears
Bulls 'n Bears
  • Proprietary formula generates user-definable Buy/Sell signals
  • Red Light/Green Light system identifies trends
  • Ribbon indicator displays trend strength
  • Advantage Lines
Candlestick Auto-Recognition
Japanese Candlestick Auto-Recognition
  • Automatically identify and catalog candlestick formations
  • User-Definable Buy/Sell Signals with candlestick patterns
  • Apply external filters to help eliminate unwanted or overly aggressive signals
Autopilot Plug-in
  • Back-test your favorite systems**
  • Auto trade the Forex Market
  • Any changes to settings update automatically on-the-fly
Demo trading account
$50,000 Demo Account
  • Practice with Live Data
  • Paper trade risk free
  • Test your strategies and trading systems

Track 'n Trade LIVE Forex

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11.1 MB - Windows 10, 8, Mac?We currently do not have a native Mac-based version of Track 'n Trade. However, many of our clients are successfully running Track 'n Trade on their Mac using a Windows emulator such as Parallels, Boot Camp, Virtual PC, VMware, etc

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**Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. See full risk disclosure for hypothetical limitations.

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