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Its long been the dream of trader’s everywhere, to have at their disposal, a computerized or robot driven trading system, where all we have to do is press a few buttons, and our robot will trade for us while we’re out doing other, “more important things.”

After putting over 10 years of research and development into the Track ‘n Trade Autopilot, we’ve created a robotic trading plug-in that works just like an airplane’s autopilot, designed to significantly reduce your trading workload, giving you the ability to offload much of the heavy lifting of executing your trading strategy to the computer.

But that’s not all, the Track ‘n Trade Autopilot has also been designed to assist in creating, planning, testing, and optimizing as well as executing your trading strategy.

Setting up the Autopilot to take over and to begin executing your trading plan is a relatively simple process, which requires no programming skills on your part, and has been broken down into these three simple steps:

Step One, we call Indicators, and Triggers.

This is where you’ll choose which indicator, or indicators your trading system will be using, or in other words, what will trigger your system to fire an entry and, or exit order.

Track ‘n Trade is loaded with numerous user customizable indicators to choose from, allowing you to configure your trading system to accommodate whatever markets you want to trade.

Step Two, this is your entry step.

This is your order entry management system setup, where we determine the best entry strategy for our particular situation. Will you enter with a stop order, a limit order, or a Market order?

Which is best for your chosen scenario? These decisions can be made with the assistance of the Autopilot Quick-Calc buttons, that can quickly back test difference scenarios, with a simple click of the mouse.

Step Three, this is where we specify exactly how we want our system to exit the market.

Do you want to exit once a specific price target has been reached, or do you want to exit after a certain amount of time? Maybe exit using one of our mathematically calculated auto-trailing stop formulas. You can even have Track ‘n Trade jump stops to specific price levels, locking in profits, while continuing to let the system run.

The Track ‘n Trade Autopilot can handle and manage many different scenarios, and can also help you make the most optimal trading decisions through the use of our Mont-Carlo back testing, and Q-Calc. system, again no programming skills required.

Run a quick simulation, click a couple changes to your system, then run another simulation. Optimize your trading strategy in minutes yourself, without the need for assistance from a paid programmer.

Once you’ve defined each of these three simple steps, at this point, you have an all-encompassing system, which tells Track ‘n Trade what triggers to trade, how to enter the market, and how to manage your position, and how to exit the trade.

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