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Video Transcript

In this video I’m going to summarize three of the many ways we use the Track ‘n Trade Autopilot to help us make our trading decision. Hopefully by watching this video, this will spur your mind, and get your own ideas flowing, so you can adapt the Autopilot to your own personal trading style.

Here are the three primary methods:

Method 1: Fitz and Starts

This is my favorite method for using the Autopilot. This system is designed to help enter a market on a small time-frame chart, where entry risk is much lower, and then use that entry to hold our position for a long-term trade, possibly days, weeks, or even months.

Timing our entry from a long-term point of view is the key to this methodology.

Method 2: Day Trading

This is the method we use when day trading, we set up our entry and exit strategy in the Autopilot, flip on the “Execute Once” setting, then sit back and watch multiple markets simultaneously, flipping on and off the Autopilot to execute individual trades, as needed.

The key to this strategy is to have your software set to see multiple charts at once, where you can then pick and choose which setups and triggers you want to trade.

Method 3: Set it and Forget it

When most traders think of an auto-trader, this is the method they’re thinking of. A system designed, and back tested to trade over the long-haul. Set it, and let it run, take signals, place entry orders, trailing stop orders, and, or limit orders, exiting the trade automatically, cutting losers short, letting winners run, and then repeating the cycle over and over again all without any supervision.

The key to this methodology is creating a very simple system that works across all kinds of markets, trending markets, as well as stagnant markets, as a system like this is sure to experience both.

Over optimizing our system to any one type of market, either trending, or not, is the most difficult part of this strategy.

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