Track 'n Trade Bulls 'n Bears Trading System

What is the Bulls 'n Bears?

Video Transcript

The Bulls 'n Bears is based on a very simple premise. The premise that markets can only do three things, they can go up, they can go down, or they can go sideways, knowing when a market is about to rise, fall, or stay neutral, is key to our trading success.

We here at Gecko Software have developed a complete trading strategy, based on what we call the Bulls 'n Bears red light, green light, trading methodology.

There's a famous saying, “Where systems fail, methods prevail.” The Bulls ‘n Bears is a hybrid trading system, based on the principles of Elliott Wave and Fibonacci trading methodology.

The actual mathematical side of the Bulls 'n Bears is based on four very sophisticated, hyperbolically linked, proprietary formulas, but the actual mathematical formulas which derive the signals, are only half the solution.

The magic of the Bulls 'n Bears is actually the methodology that lies beneath the math. The key is how we decide when and how to enter, and then exit the markets, based on the information provided by the mathematics, and in the following series of videos, we intend to show you exactly how you can use the Bulls ‘n Bears trading system to not only more effectively enter and exit your trades, but have better insight as to when markets are still considered Bullish, or Bearish, and when it's time to exit your position.

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