Track 'n Trade Bulls 'n Bears Trading System

Building our foundation upon Fibonacci and Elliott Wave

Video Transcript

A lot of people ask, 'Now that we have the Bulls 'n Bears Trading System, is it necessary to learn Fibonacci Retracements, Projection Levels, Elliott Wave theories, and Advanced Recurring Price Patterns? The answer to this question is a very simple yes.

Even though the Bulls ‘n Bears was designed to significantly simplify these advanced trading strategies, and uses Fibonacci and Elliott Wave theory as its primary building blocks, I would encourage you to still continue to pursue further knowledge into these different areas of technical analysis, which will give you even greater insight and understanding into how the Bulls ‘n Bears was designed to function, and why it generates the signals that it does.

The reason we believe this is still important, is because if you have a fundamental knowledge of Elliott Wave, Fibonacci retracements, and projections, you'll not only have a better insight of where markets are, in relationship to their past price levels, you'll also learn the probabilities of where a market might be trading in the near future, this added knowledge will give you a better understanding of the core workings and functionality of the Bulls 'n Bears System itself, and also why it makes the color changes that it does.

Even though the Bulls 'n Bears makes all of these advanced calculations for you automatically, having this additional knowledge, can, to a large degree, bring an added level of understanding and confidence to your trading.

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