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Bullish, Bearish, or Neutral Markets

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One of the greatest strengths of the Bulls 'n Bears is its ability to tell us every single time a market has started a new Bullish or Bearish trend; that in itself is the Bulls 'n Bears greatest strength.

However, it can't tell us how long that Bullish or Bearish trend might last; it might only last one price bar, one day, six months, or it might last an entire year, we never know, and that's why we use a combination of trading tools and strategies to help us make our trading decisions.

In my opinion, the Bulls ‘n Bears is the most powerful single technical indicator or trading system there is, and using it in combination with other trading strategies, has proven to be the best 123-knock-out-punch I've ever found. In fact, backtesting using the TNT autopilot auto-trading and backtesting system has confirmed the Bulls ‘n Bears proprietary trading system to beat all other indicators it has been tested against.

We all realize that there is no way for any of us or for any computer system or software program to tell us how long a market is going to stay Bullish or stay Bearish, which is why we've implemented as part of the Bulls ‘n Bears Trading System an exit strategy for each entry strategy, which we'll cover later in greater detail.

To buy and go long a particular market, we start by waiting for a buy signal from our Bulls 'n Bears Indicator, which is a Yellow price bar followed by a Green price bar. (In a perfect world, the Green price bar would open and/or close higher than the previous Yellow price bar; this is also controlled by filters, which we'll cover in a later video.) Then, in a nicely trending market, we would follow the rise in price until we receive an opposing Sell signal, or until we get stopped out by our protective trailing stop order or other exit strategy.

The Bulls 'n Bears has two methods of providing us with market directional signals.

On the Bullish side, we receive, as mentioned before, a Yellow price bar followed by a Green price bar, which can also be indicated by an up arrow. The arrows within the Bulls 'n Bears are user definable to their action, and can be both an indication that the market has changed from Neutral to Bullish, or on the Bearish Side, a change from Neutral to Bearish.

Of course, there is always an exception to every rule, which is why the flexibility is provided so you can set Bulls ‘n Bears to provide one buy signal for every sell signal as a true swing trading strategy, or system, or to provide multiple buy signals in a row, or multiple sell signals in a row, this is of course based on our own personal trading strategy.

If you want one buy signal for every sell signal, this would be strictly a swing trading strategy, where the system must receive a sell signal, or Yellow bar fallows by a Red bar, before it would ever generate another Bullish arrow in spite the fact that we might have several cases where we get additional Yellow bars followed by Green bars, and visa-versa; but if you would like a new signal each time the market moves from Yellow to Green, or from Yellow to Red, this too is possible, and is what would give us multiple buy signals in a row, or multiple sell signals in a row.

Another exception to this rule is the Aggressive formula which takes us directly from Bullish to Bearish, or Bearish to Bullish, without stopping in between for neutral.

We can, and often times do, but we don't necessarily always consider the arrows as Buy and Sell signals; you'll often hear us refer to them simply as Bullish signals, or Bearish signals, this doesn't necessarily mean that we should be entering or exiting the market when we get a signal, as mentioned before, it all depends on various other factors that we must take into consideration.

That said, we often do use the price bar color change arrows as Buy/Sell signals, especially when using the Autopilot automated trading system. The Bulls ‘n Bears system itself gives us the ability to receive a buy, or sell signal each time the market moves from Neutral to Bullish, or Neutral to Bearish, if we so choose, or we have the option of only receiving one signal for each new Bullish or Bearish trend, this is the diversity and power of the Bulls ‘n Bears System, which we'll cover in greater detail in later videos as well.

If these concepts seem a little fuzzy, just wait, we'll cover this in greater detail in later videos, where we give trading examples that highlight these important differences, which will provide more clarity and understanding.

As a side note, all of these systems, whichever manner you choose, can be back-tested and automatically traded through the automated trading, Autopilot Plug-in system.

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