Track 'n Trade Bulls 'n Bears Trading System

Sensitivity Slider

Video Transcript

What is the Bulls ‘n Bears Sensitivity Slider?

The sensitivity slider allows the trader to fine tune the Bulls ‘n Bears system against recent market activity; this is what we call tuning in the indicator.

A higher sensitivity gives earlier bullish/bearish arrows, and fewer yellow or neutral market bars, while a lower sensitivity waits for the trend to become better established, and maintains a higher degree of neutrality, or yellow price bars, before giving bullish/bearish arrows.

The sensitivity slider’s default setting is 72. We chose 72 as our starting point based on extensive historical back-testing, where we found this to be the best overall average.

Be reminded, 72 is just a starting point, the tool was designed to be adjusted either more or less sensitive, based on the current market action, and your trading strategy.

When using the Track ‘n Trade Autopilot Q-Calc. feature, it’s the sensitivity slider that gets adjusted during the back-test.

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