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Why does the Bulls ‘n Bears have multiple formulas?

Different markets demand different mathematics. More aggressive trading strategies can be accommodated using more aggressive formulas, while less aggressive long, or longer term strategies can be well served using less aggressive mathematics.

The formula you use is completely a personal preference, and subject to change based on your experience within each market, and time frame you trade.

In the beginning, you might want to use these suggestions as your guide.

The traditional formula is a great overall place to start, covering a wide variety of market averages, it has the widest neutral, yellow bars, of all the formulas; meaning it waits for the overall larger price movement within the market before giving a bullish or bearish signal.

We generally see this formula used on long or longer-term charts, such as daily, or multi-hour charts.

The progressive formula is just as the name implies; it’s more aggressive in the sense that it has a smaller yellow or neutral zone, and provides earlier bullish and bearish signals than does the traditional formula.

We generally see this formula used for day trading on shorter time frame charts, such as minute charts, range charts, or volume charts.

The aggressive formula is our most aggressive mathematical model, immolating the same aggressive nature as some other oscillating indicators, by removing the neutral zone, or yellow bars altogether. This formula provides the highest number of bullish and bearish arrows, as the sensitivity of this formula moves immediately from bullish to bearish and back again without ever calculating a neutral zone.

We generally see this formula used by the most aggressive traders, while trading short-term scalping strategies.

Bollinger Bands, Keltner Bands, & 10x8 MAC have been incorporated into the Bulls ‘n Bears system allowing them to take advantage of the Bulls ‘n Bears color coding capabilities, based on those systems individual trading strategies.

When selecting one of these three formulas, their individual indicator settings will appear in the preference dialog box and can be changed and modified here.

We suggest you try each formula, one against the other, during the same trading scenario, and decide which formula seems to match your trading requirements best, in each individual market, and chart timeframe.

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