Track 'n Trade Bulls 'n Bears Trading System

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Video Transcript

The Bulls ‘n Bears uses a unique color code to enhance our visual cue as to whether a market is bullish, bearish, or neutral.

As default, Track ‘n Trade changes the color of the price bars; green represents bullish markets, yellow represents neutral markets, and red represents bearish markets.

Under the Style drop down menu, this too can be changed. Rather than having the actual price bars change color, we have various ways of indicating bullish, neutral or bearish trends, such as colored dots, lines, crosses or squares.

For example, traditional price bars, as well as candlestick charts, use their own color coding, so rather than change the bar colors that you may already be using, or familiar with, the Bulls ‘n Bears system gives you the ability to add these other means of color representation to your chart, in Lou of price bar colorization. It’s a simple matter of personal preference.

The Display History selection box tells Track ‘n Trade how far back you want the Bulls ‘n Bears indicator to display these color codes. By selecting the check box, Track ‘n Trade will display the color coding for the entire chart history. Unselecting the check box allows you to specify how far back, in price bars, you would like to see the color coding represented.

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