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Video Transcript

In this Track 'n Trade 5.0 Futures Trading Training video, I want to start by demonstrating for you- how to customize Track 'n Trades Button Bars.

Now, Track 'n Trade comes with a different view than what I have here on the screen. Because I have customized these Bars. Now, you'll notice that up here in the View Menu, I have all my different Button Bars setup, or turned on or turned off. Notice that I have Tool Bars, and they're all checked and these are turned on and turned off. If I don't want any particular Button Bar, I can just turn it off, by selecting it. Notice the current Price Bar, is not selected. If I wanted to bring the Current Price Bar on the screen, I would just select it, and notice that it automatically drops it onto the screen for me. Now, if this isn't where I want to have it placed, I can drag it anywhere I want it on the screen. Notice, that I can bring it right up and just have it float right on the screen, if I want. I can actually float it off my desktop, off onto my desktop, if I want to. I can take it right off the Track 'n Trade screen, and actually it's now floating over on my desktop. Or I can bring it back, and it brings it back onto the desktop.

I can do that with any Button Bar. I can turn it off, watch I can just click this little button up here. That turns it off. If I wanted to, I can just drag any button off of the Button Bar. There it is, as a floating Tool Bar. If I want to turn it off, of course, I just click the red button and it goes away. If I want to bring it back, I come up to View, come back to Accounting Tools, click it, and it turns it back on.

Now, if I want to put that back over on the Button Bar, where it belongs, I just drag it right back over there. Then, it goes and sets it right back into place for me.

I can modify it, and adjust it. If I want this one down in the bottom, I can bring it down here on the bottom if I want to put it down on the bottom. Then I can scoot this one up a little higher if I want to, scoot this one up if I want to. So, I can adjust my Software to look any way I want.

Now, as the default- this big, long Button Bar for all the Indicators (because the Indicators, there's a lot of them)...does not fit on everyone's screen. So we didn't turn that one on, in the default setting. So, if you want to you can turn that Button Bar on and off, through the View Window, by coming down here and simply turning on the Indicators Buttons.

If you don't want the Indicators Buttons on, you just turn them back off. So, if you've got a large, wide monitor, you can turn those on and have them down here. I like to have them at the bottom of the screen. Now, you don't need to have those Button Bars, the little buttons to all those Indicators. Because you can simply right click in the Indicators Window and you have access to all the Indicators, right there from your right click Menu.

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