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Notation Tools

Video Transcript

In this Track 'n Trade 5.0 Futures Pro trading training video, I want to start by demonstrating for you how to draw some of our notation tools.

The notation tools are on the button bar up here in this little panel here. The first one is just a simple arrow. You'll notice that if I have the third tab selected then when I click the arrow, I get all the settings for the arrow tool. The arrow tool, I can just draw on the screen, and of course, it's pointing to an area I want to draw attention to.

I can change the color of the arrow to be any color I want, I can change the yellow, the tip of the color to be any color I want. Maybe I want it to be green. I change the arrow point. Maybe I want the arrow point to be on the other end. Maybe I want it to be both ends. I have those capabilities available to me.

I can also change the width of the arrow, as well. If I want to, I can just right click on the arrow and hit Delete, the arrow is now gone.

The next tool that I want to draw for you is the Flag tool. The Flag tool has a default flag. This is the very first flag that pops on the screen every time you click the flag. You can set that up as your default flag.

Default flag for us is an arrow. One of the things about all the different flags that are available in Track 'n Trade is that they are movable, or exchangeable. If I want this arrow to point the other direction, I just click on a handle, and I can actually just drag it across and now notice that it's pointing the other direction.

We get a lot of questions from people saying, Lan, you only have a down arrow in Track 'n Trade. Well, actually, we don't just have one down arrow, you'll notice I don't have an up arrow in there, a little white up arrow. That's because we can make the down arrow, trade places and now it's an up arrow. See, now we have an up arrow in Track 'n Trade. That's how we can use that tool.

Now, if we want to change it to any other tool, we can just click on it over here, and we can, well, now it's upside down. We can bring our little barn up side right again. You can see that we can put any kind of little flag that we in Track 'n Trade. You can also add your own images. You can come in here, and you can add your own pictures to put some kind of a logo on your chart and mark it as your chart.

The next thing that we want to look at is the text tool. The text tool, we can simply click on and draw a box. You'll notice that puts a box up on the screen. We can come in here and we can put in text: This is a Bullish market. Of course, I can also come in here and change the font size, make it bold, and maybe center it. Hit Okay. Now I have a bullish market. I can put that in here. Oh, look at this, I have a bear on a bullish market. Let's change him over to a bull. Now we have a bullish market. There we go!

If I want to draw a box around any particular part of the trend, I can, just by clicking and dragging the box tool. That will highlight any specific area. Maybe I want to use the circle tool. I can do that by clicking and dragging a circle around any particular area I want to draw interest to.

I can change the colors or the line styles or the background colors, or anything having to do with my different tools, by working over here in the left hand window. Say I want this to be a green background, I can do that. You can just click on it and drag it around with the mouse to your new location.

Those are the Notation Tools in Track 'n Trade.

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