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Video Transcript

In this Track 'n Trade 5.0 Futures trading training video, I want to start by demonstrating for you, how to open a new chart and how to save your work.

The first thing we want to do when we open the software, is look over here in the very first tab. You'll notice that this is where we say we have available charts.

We sort the charts by 3 different sections. We can either sort it by Commodity, by Group, or by Exchange. We can sort them in a sending order or descending order.

This is the list of charts that we have available to us, or the list of contracts. Now, to open a contract, we simply drop down the window. Let's say we want to open up Feeder Cattle, we click on the Feeder Cattle contract, and you'll notice that it drops to the latest and the current trading contract, which is currently 2007 August. It builds the symbol in here for us. If you know the symbol, you can simply type the symbol in. Once the symbol is typed in, or the drop down menu is used and you have the current contract that you want to talk about or look at- you can hit Open Charts. That opens the chart up into our charting window.

As you can see, we also have a list of all the charts that are currently open.

If we come down here and open up, let's say we want to open up Copper, we can open up our Copper contract. Then, let's say we want to open up Cotton, we open up our Cotton contract, we now have three different charts open in our chart book. Now, if we want to rotate through those charts, we can simply click the header of the chart and you'll notice that this is rotating us through the different charts that we have open. We can also double click over here in the left hand window, this too will flip between the different charts.

If I want to come in here, and I want to do some kind of a drawing, let's say I put a drawing tool on the chart, or maybe I drop a flag on the chart- maybe I want to save this work out. Maybe I want to save what I've done, and I want to save the fact that I have these three particular charts open and available to me.

To save them, all I do is come up here, click the little floppy disc, which is an indication that we want to save the file. We open it up and we just save it to our desktop. We can give it whatever name we want. I can say this is Example1. It's going to save it on my desktop. I can save it in any file folder that I want, but I'm saving it out on my desktop. When I hit Save, it saves that file out.

To open it or to retrieve the file, all I have to do is hit Open and I can retrieve the Example1 file. Hit Open, and it brings me back right to where I was before- with the 3 charts and my drawings.

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