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In this Track 'n Trade 5.0 Futures Trading Training video, I want to start by demonstrating for you how to change the main chart Settings.

Now, in Track 'n Trade, you'll notice that when you open the software up, for the first time, this is what you'll see.

Now, you'll notice in my chart, I got the first tab selected in the Control Panel. The Control Panel, being this left, left most window. Now, in here you'll notice that I have Feeder Cattle and I've also got Cotton open. These are the two charts that I've opened. Let's say that I want to change some of the settings, or some of the Preferences in my chart, on Feeder Cattle. All I have to do is come up here to the Tabs, and notice- the third tab over is our Preferences Tab. If I click on that, you'll notice all the Preferences for the chart, are then displayed. So, any changes that I might want to make on the chart, I can turn on and off, right here, through the Preferences Tab.

I can come down here, and change such things, as the Chart Background Color, the Light Grid Lines, the Dark Grid Lines. I can change the Background Colors of the Ruler Bars, and the Date Bars. Whatever I want to do. I can turn on things, like the Last Trading Day, or turn them off. Notice that it's showing up on the screen, immediately once I click it on the screen.

So, if I want the Options Expiration Date, I can click on that. Notice, it changes on the screen, immediately. So, any changes we make over here in the Preferences Tab, are immediately referenced over on the chart.

We also have in here, things, such as the Price Bar Colors. You'll notice I have in here- if it closed lower, it's red. If it closed higher, it's green. Our highlight color is yellow, of course, the way you get to the Highlight Color is you hold down the Shift Key, move it across the screen, and that's the yellow bar, that we're seeing there.

If we have a No Change Day, I have turned it white. Uh...that's no change from the previous days close to the current day's close. You know, other things like that, the different Price Bar Types. You might prefer to have Candlesticks, and so we can turn Candlesticks on.

So, these are some of the Preferences that we can get, in our chart.

Now, let's say that we have our chart setup the way we want it. All we have to do to save those Settings, is come in here and hit Save As My Default. Now, everything that happens, every time you open up a new chart, this is what it will look like.

Now, any tool, or any window within Track 'n Trade that has Preferences associated with it- if you click on that tool, or window, will bring up the Preferences in this left window. For example: down here, this is our Indicator Window- if I click on the Indicator within this window, just click on the window. Notice, that it automatically brings up the Preferences for the Volume and Open-Interest Indicator.

If I want to see the Preferences for any of the Tools, along the Tool Bars, such as the Flag Tool. If I click on the Flag Tool, notice all the Flags come up. Now, of course, I have to be in the Preferences Tab, but then I can bring any kind of a Flag, I want to, onto the screen. I can modify it, however I want to. These are reflected in the chart, right there, immediately by selecting over in the Preferences Tab.

So, you can see that the Preferences Tab being very quick and easy to use, in Track 'n Trade.

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