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In this Track 'n Trade 5.0 Futures Trading Training video, I want to start by demonstrating for you- how to take a picture of your chart.

Now, what do I mean by 'take a picture of your chart?' What I mean, is if you want to take a picture of this chart, and send it to a friend, or publish in a newspaper or magazine. What you need to do is, you need to come up to this little icon up here in the corner, that looks like a little camera icon. Now, if I click on the little camera icon, what it does is it takes a picture of the chart and saves it out as a file. The standard default is PNG. It's going to give it the name of whatever the symbol is. So, if I save that out, I'm going to save that out to my desktop, Now, when I open it, I'll go and double click on my desktop, it opens up the file. As you can see this is what it saved out as a PNG file, or a graphics file, or a picture file.

Let's say we want to come in here and we want to just save it to the desktop for example. Then, we want to paste it into another project. All we have to do is, we hold down the Control Key, and we click the little camera, and it comes up and says, 'The image has been copied to the clipboard. You may now paste it into your application.' So you say, Okay. We flip over to an application. The application that you might choose, might be a Word Processor, it might be a PowerPoint Presentation or it might be a graphics program- all you have to do now, is paste your document. Edit, Paste, and it brings up the graphic, or the chart into this document.

Now, what if you want to capture more than just the screen, itself? We can do that, as well. Let's come back over to the Software, and what we have here is the ability to capture more. Now, we can capture out to this screen, over here, as well. You might want to do that, because you might want to show someone, maybe for example: the Settings that you're using for a particular, for a particular Indicator. You could capture that.

So, to capture both windows- all you would have to do, the chart window, as well as the Control Panel window: hold down the Shift Key and Control Key, at the same time. Then, click the camera. It says the image has been copied to the clipboard. You say, Okay. Now, when we come back over to our drawing package we can paste that in there. Then, we have both windows, as you can see- saved in the picture file.

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