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In this Track 'n Trade Pro Trading Training video, I want to just go through some of the charts, and show them to you with the Bulls 'n Bears Trading System turned on. This way you can get an idea of what the Bulls 'n Bears does to the chart, so you can see how it might help you in your trading.

What we've done is we've set the Bulls 'n Bears up so that it's changed the actual Tics themselves, to the colors of the trend. So, you can see that green is a Bullish trend, yellow is a Neutral trend, red is a Bearish trend. Then, we have turned on the little Buy/Sell arrows that indicate that the market has changed from either Bullish to Bearish, or from Bearish to Bullish.

I'm just going to flip through these charts and make a few comments, but I want you just to have an idea, you can basically see what the Bulls 'n Bears does for you.

This is Light Crude Oil, and as you can see, we've got our Bullish Signal, here- Indicating that the market is changing into an uptrend. We've got a Bearish Signal, here. Indicating that the market is changing down.

Of course, going through this area, we see that we've got a Neutral area. That's why we have a lot of yellow, in this area. Down here, an indication that the market is changing from Bearish to Bullish. This is what the Bulls 'n Bears does for us on the Crude Oil.

Let's go to the next chart.

Here's the U.S. Dollar, and again, you can see that we've got a changeover from Neutral to Bearish. As you'll notice this market came up, it went a little bit green, in this area. Then, yellow, through Neutral, before it started dropping back off, again. But you can see that the Tics are actually highlighting, indicating that the market is changed from Bullish to Bearish, or what type of a trend it is currently in.

Here's the Euro Dollar, and again, you can see on Euro Dollar that we've come in with a little signal here, indicating that we're changing from a basically a Neutral position. We started a Bullish trend, right there, didn't we? The one thing about the Bulls 'n Bears is it tells you when the trend starts. Of course, it can't tell you how long the trend is going to be. If we could, we would all be living in mansions, on the top, highest hill, wouldn't we? But right now, what the tool can do (at least) for us is it can tell us when the trend starts.

Let's go to the next chart- Here's Gold. Gold has been in the news, quite a bit, lately. You can see we had a little narrow channel, through here. Give us a Buy Signal, here, indication that the market is running up into a Bullish trend. Now, this has also, this chart has the Blue Light turned on. Of course, the Blue Light is a trend following Stop Loss Signal. Indicating that as the market increases in it's climb up the trend, we would be placing our Stop Loss back behind each one of these areas. Of course, it would've stopped us out right at this point, here. As this market went up the trend, turned around and stopped. If we were using the Blue Light System as our, as our Stop System.

Let's go onto the next one.

Here is Gasoline, Unleaded Gasoline. Again, changing from Bullish to Bearish with the Blue Light taking us out with our Stops, as we followed up this trend to this point, here. Going down in the trend, going into a Bearish trend.

Let's move to another chart.

Here's Natural Gas. Natural Gas went down, into a very long Bearish trend, but we had an area in here where it kind of changed direction for a little while.

You can see Platinum, Platinum also following Gold, of course. You know, zoomed up into it's nice, long uptrend.

Again, you can use the Tic coloring to tell you when, with the Bulls 'n Bears, to tell you when a market is in a Bearish trend. Whether it's in a Neutral trend, which is the yellow, of course. Then, Bearish trend, which is the red.

Then, this is the Silver, notice that Silver has been in a nice, long uptrend, from this point, all the way up. We did go through some points where the market started to go sideways through here, on us. Started to go yellow, but it never did go red. This first red signal, is right in here.

Here's the S&P 500. Now, the S&P 500 has a tendency to go sideways, a lot more. It's not nearly as much of a trending market. Of course, that's because it takes, you know, a lot of 500 different markets into account. So, it's not quite as volatile, in a sense that it doesn't go...trending quite so strongly as much as it goes a lot of sideways. So, what happens here, as you notice that we have, you know, peaks that are green. Then, we go Neutral, peaks that are green, then we go red, peaks that are green, and then we drop off into, you know, when we get a nice, long trending run of the Dow, you know the S&P 500, then the Dow dropping. That's what you're seeing here. So, that's how it works on the S&P 500.

Here's the U.S. T-Note. Again, dropping out of the yellow into a nice, long, downtrend. Much better trending market.

Here's the Australian Dollar. You can see, again, changing over from Bullish or from Bearish to Bullish, in a nice, long uptrend.

Here's the British Pound. Again, following the currencies, this is a narrow, Neutral area zone. Then, finally the market takes off and makes a long run. Then, you can see it's all green. We can see up to the top, we start changing over back into a Neutral area- yellow

Here's corn, going into, you know, Bullish trend with some pullbacks. You see these pullbacks in here on this trend.

Here's the Canadian Dollar, starting down here at the bottom, and then making a run up.

Here's Feeder Cattle. Notice Feeder Cattle has been down in a long downtrend. Started with an arrow, here, and we kind of drop clear off into this one. We had quite a few pullbacks on this one, here, that were still red and hitting the Blue Stop Light area.

Here's Copper. Copper has made quite a run, looks very similar to the Gold chart, doesn't it? Where we went sideways here, for a little while. Went into a Neutral zone, after a nice, long uptrend. Then, of course, switching over from yellow to green, we went up this nice, long trend, again. Following with our Blue Light Stop System, all the way up.

Here's Coffee.Coffee is a pretty wild market. It's nice to have a tool that can help you know when we're changing over from Bullish to Bearish, in Coffee. Here's some indications that the market is going in one direction of the other. Then, of course, there's a long wide Neutral zone.

Here's Live Cattle. Live Cattle, again, starting up here to the top, dropping down through the downtrend, then a shift over. A shift over from Bearish to Bullish, as this market starts to go the other direction.

Here's the New Zealand Dollar for all of those of you who trade the New Zealand Dollar. Well, you can see, we've got a nice, long downtrend. Then, the market started to go sideways, switch over, back into the green zone. Being followed down with the Blue Light, of course.

Here's Orange Juice. Orange Juice has been trending nicely, lately. We started down here into this with a red zone. Went Neutral for a couple days, got our signal and continued up the trend. Never did go red up in here. We did get some yellow, during this zone, right here.

This is Sugar. Again, Sugar giving us our signals, down here. Starting the trend all the way up to the top. Looks like we went Neutral, here- After going....or Bearish here, for a little while. Got another signal indicating that we're going to try to go longer, but couldn't maintain it. So, it told us we need to get back out, again.

Here's Wheat. Wheat, again, telling us that we're starting into a Bullish time-frame. Went Neutral for a little while. Went back into the Bullish time-frame, again. Indication that we're switching over from Bullish to Bearish, as we went down in the trend. Then, again, went Neutral, before we grabbed onto that Bullish trend, and went up, again. Of course, that red line is the expiration date of the contract.

So, there you have...just a quick review of some of the current charts, right now. Using the Bulls 'n Bears System to help you outline a little bit about what the trend is doing. I hope you can see the value of how that can be so helpful in your trading.

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