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Overlay Indicators

Video Transcript

In this Track 'n Trade 5.0 Futures Trading Training video, I want to start by demonstrating for you how to use the Overlay Indicators.

The overlay Indicators are accessed through the right click Menu, on the chart. So, just hover your mouse over the chart, press down the right mouse button, and you'll notice you get this right click Menu. It's through this right click Menu, that we can come down to the Overlay Indicators.

Now, we have separate different kinds of Overlay Indicators, you'll notice that the top three here are broken out into their own section. That's because those are Plug-Ins. Those are additional features that you buy as as a separate Plug-In, or Expansion Pack to Track 'n Trade. The rest of these are traditional Indicators that are in the regular package, when you buy it. So, these are in the base application.

Let's say we want to look at Bollinger Bands. We just hover the mouse over Bollinger Bands and left click, that selects Bollinger Bands, and turns it on.

Of course, if you have the third tab selected, it's going to give you all the Settings for the Bollinger Bands.

So, we can come in here and we can change the Bollinger Bands, maybe we want to have a period of 30. You'll notice that it immediately changes it right on the screen. So, we come back and maybe can change it to a 10 time period. It then changed it on the screen, back to 20. Then, it puts it back to standard defaults.

Now, let's say that we want to come in here, and we want to click on the Mac-D Indicator, which is down here in the bottom window. So, we click on the Mac-D Indicator, and that's of course, how we get the Settings to switch over to the Mac-D Indicator. Now, how do we get back over to the Settings for the Bollinger Bands? Well, the way we do that is again, through the right click Menu. So, you press down the right click Menu, or the right click button on the mouse, slide down to Overlay Properties. Then, all the Overlay Indicators that you have turned on, will show up on this Overlay Properties list. So, just highlight, well, we've got Bollinger Bands turned on. So, you highlight Bollinger Bands, and it brings you back to the Settings for Bollinger Bands.

That's how we manage the Overlay Indicators in Track 'n Trade.

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