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How to Use the Data Tab

Video Transcript 

In this video we want to cover the Data Tab. The Data Tab is where we store and provide you the information that is available to allow us to make up the price bars themselves, Open High, Low Close. I'm going to stretch the Data Tab window open so we can see it in a wider view as you can see this is where we can see the open high low close volume open interest. If we have any particular indicator turned on for example the MACD you will also have the MACD information in here for each individual date.

You'll also notice we have the ability to export this data so you can use it in additional applications for analysis. You can also print the data. we have different styles of data we have the display data, we have the underlying data that is available for us in the daily charts and we also have the COT data if you have the Commitment of Traders Plug-in available to you. you can also come down and change this to 4-digit precision if that is something that is necessary in some of the other contracts.

That is a quick overview of the Data Tab.  

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