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How To Save A Book

Video Transcript

In this brief video we want to show you how to save and open a saved book. I happen to currently be in the Futures version, of Track 'n Trade, but this works the same whether you're in Futures, Forex, or Stocks. You'll notice that we simply come up here, he hit the File. (I have of course a number of charts open) I can hit Save if I have not saved any book at all, or I can hit Save-As if I would like to change it to a new name. If I go ahead and first hit Save-As, it's going to come up and ask for a name. I'm going to say I want it to be Futures. I've got mine first listed in here as Futures1. Now, I'm going to go ahead and hit Save, it's going to Save over-top of the old one. It's going to ask Do you want to replace it? I can say Yes. Then I'm going to come in here, and if I make some changes, such as drawing in some kind of recurring price pattern, or if I want to make a change to an indicator, I can come into the indicator and I can make a change. This will then (if I hit the little floppy disk up here in the left-hand corner) and hit Save- it will then save the changes that I've made within my book out to my file. To open the book, I have several ways of opening the book. I can either come in when I open up Track 'n Trade, and I can say File, I can hit Open, choose my Futures1 file, hit open. Or I can hit this little icon right here on the button bar, which open up the same dialogue box, and hit Futures1, Open, and it opens up the file. Or in Track 'n Trade, I have the ability of saying Remember the Last Book. If I select this feature and when I open up Track 'n Trade, it will automatically remember the last book that I saved, and it will automatically retrieve that book, plus all of the settings that I have within Track 'n Trade.

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