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Using the Box & Circle Tools

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to demonstrate how to place the Box Tool and the Circle Tool within Track 'n Trade. I'm doing this demonstration in the Forex version of Track 'n Trade, but these features are exactly the same whether using Track 'n Trade Stocks, Futures, or Forex.

To load the cursor with the Box tool, the first thing we do is hover over the Box icon, and when we click it, you'll notice that if we have the Preferences Tab selected, that we receive the preferences for the Box tool. Drawing the Box tool is very simple, we just draw it around the part of the chart that we're attempting to highlight in our drawing. You'll notice that in the Preferences Tab we have the ability to change the color of the line, maybe the thickness or the style of the line, as well as the background color. We also have the ability to Snap-to the individual Price Bars. If we wanted to have it Snap-to the exact level of a certain Price Bar, as we hover over that Price Bar, within our range that we're trying to highlight. That's just a quick demonstration of the Box Tool.

The Circle Tool is very similar in the same regard, when we click the icon it loads the cursor with the circle. We can then draw the circle on the screen around the chart that we're trying to highlight. You'll notice that the Circle Tool does not require you to be perfectly round. You can have it be any shape you would like, as you move that cursor around, we highlight the section of the chart that we might be wanting to highlight. You'll notice that the Preferences Tab as long as that tab is selected you'll have the preferences for that particular drawing or that tool, as well.

Again, we can come in and we can change the colors, if that what we like. We can change the line style, and the thickness, and we can also change the background color. It also has the same Snap-to capabilities. That's how we do the Box Tool, and the Circle Tool within Track 'n Trade.

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