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How to Use the Charts Tab

Video Transcript

In this video I want to talk about the Charts Tab. The Charts Tab is the first tab we have selected here in our control panel. This is where we manage the different contracts that we might want to trade. We have a drop down as you can see that has all the different commodities that we have available for us to trade. This drop down is controlled through a control panel over here called the symbol chooser. If we select this Icon this opens up our symbol chooser, and gives us a list of all the commodities that are available to trade though Track 'n Trade. If we do not want to have all the commodities listed in this drop down menu we can restrict that by unselecting some of these here or add them back in whichever you prefer. You can create your own list of commodities that you want to follow and track. Hit OK and that is what populates this drop down menu over here.

Lets Open up the chart e Mini S&P and it automatically selects the first contract date month available to us which is the first one in the list and it opens the chart. This is the symbol so if you prefer to type in a symbol that will make it easier and hit open symbol. Now you'll see that we have the e Mini S&P symbol listed down here in the list. The Daily Chart is the first one that is open

I'm going to slide this panel open just a little bit so you can see the details. We have a number of different data tabs across here that tells us some additional information which is going on in the chart. And that is controlled here in the Charts Tab. I'm going to slide that back to bring it back to where it was. You can change the different time frames of the individual chart by right-clicking on the particular chart that is open. So I'll right-click here and notice that I have a list of all the different charts that are available to me, so I can change this over to a 5 minute chart. Down here in the bottom tab I have different time frames. These times are also give you the capability to change the chart time frame by simply selecting a tab, so lets go to the 15 minute chart or maybe the 30 minute chart. The software will very quickly switch between those and changes the indication over here in the control panel of the time frame.

If we want to have two charts open we can right-click and open second chart ie. 5 minute chart. Now you can see that I have two charts open I have a 5 minute chart and a 30 minute chart open. Again I can change the 5 minute chart using the tabs at the bottom. Maybe I want to put this one over to a 15 minute chart. and I can click on this one and bring it down to a 5 minute chart. So you have controls both in the bottom of the chart and over here in the right-click menu of being able to change multiple charts simultaneously and have multiple charts simultaneously of the same commodity.

To get rid of a chart all I have to do is right-click and delete chart. It takes me back to the single chart. Down here in the tabs at the bottom of the window you can see that we can change and customize the time frames by right-clicking on a tab which opens up this setup charts tab control panel allowing you to customize the time frames for each individual tab along the bottom of the chart. 

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