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How to Use the Key Tab

Video Transcript 

In this video we want to cover the Key Tab. The Key Tab is where we find all the pertinent information regarding the individual contract that you have selected. In this example we are looking at the eMini S&P, you'll see that we have the symbol the base symbol the type of contract size, minimum moves, currency, what exchange it is traded on.   

We have important information in here such as the initial margin, maintenance marge you'll also notice that we have the expiration dates and the first notice dates, we try to put that information in there as soon as it is available, but you can always click these hyperlinks to open up additional windows on the internet to double check to make sure those dates are correct and up-to-date.   

We also have the open times, the close times. We also put down here in the bottom of the window a lot of this information into paragraph format in what we like to call "layman terms" makes it easy for you to understand some of the particulars about the particular key information. 

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