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How to Use the Preferences Tab

Video Transcript 

In this video I want to talk about the Preferences Tab. The Preferences Tab is a very dynamic window, and is very important for us. As long as you have the preference tab selected as you can see here in the control panel we are going to get information about the different features and functionality of Track 'n Trade over in the left window. The default is settings for the chart so you can see all the different settings that are going to affecting the current chart. As we come down through here we can see the grids the weekly monthly timeframes, the auto scaling we have different color selections and stuff down here, This is not a complete description of the features tab, those are covered elsewhere, this is an overview on how to use the Preferences Tab. 

The Preferences Tab gives us the capability to come in and look at different features in the software in addition to the chart itself for example if we want to look at an indicator, this is the Volume indicator if we left-click the volume indicator the Settings for the Volume indicator appear in the Preferences Tab. We also have the ability to come in and notice we have these tiles, The Bulls 'n Bears indicator is turned on the Bulls 'n Bears indicator has preferences of its own, so if you touch this little tab or tile as we like to call it, you'll notice that the preferences for the Bulls 'n Bears appears. We also have turned on currently the Volume By Price so you click on the Volume By Price tab/tile that will appear. 

Down here again the Volume tile, if we click the Volume tile that appears. We also have the ability to have features pop up in the Preferences Tab for our drawing tools. For example, if you want to draw a trend line, as soon as you click on the trend line tool you'll notice the trend line settings appear over here in the Preferences Tab. You can also access the Preferences Tab through the right-click menu on the chart. If you right-click on the chart itself, you can then come in here and go to the chart overlay preferences. This is where we can access the preferences for any individual indicator that is currently active on the chart. For example again here's Bulls 'n Bears, which takes us back to the Preferences Tab and the Bulls 'n Bears Settings. 

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