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Futures Autopilot Tab

Video Transcript 

In this video, we want to cover the Autopilot Tab. As you can see we have selected here the Autopilot Tab within the right control panel. This video isn't meant to be an in-depth video on the Autopilot. We have in-depth videos that are available for you on the Autopilot Education Center. This video is just to simply give you an overview of the features themselves.

The first section of the Autopilot Tab is the System Section- this is where we come through and select the different systems that we might want to trade or back-test in the Autopilot. The second section is the Entry Strategy- this is where we use different settings to come in and select how we want to get into the market. (You'll notice that these are all selection fields, and that there's no programming required to use the TNT Autopilot). The third section is the Exit Strategy- this is how we get out of the market. As you can see as an overview we have the system we're going to be trading, the entry strategy, (how we want to get into the market), and the exit strategy, (how we want to exit the market).

To do the back-testing, we have Q-Calc's. These Q-Calc's represent a quick calculations to automatically calculate a setting for each one of these individual settings within the Autopilot. I'm going to come down here and raise up this bottom window. This window is our Accounting window, but it also serves as the Autopilot back-testing window.

You'll notice that over here in the left-hand column we have four buttons. The top button is labeled "Autopilot" so if we select Autopilot it flips this window over to the back-testing Autopilot window. You'll notice that we have all of our initial settings across the top, you'll want to go through and set for your Autopilot back-testing.

We also have a number of different features across here for our statistical information that you'll want to resolve, when working with the Autopilot. You can change these simply by right clicking the header, you'll notice it says Column Settings, and this brings up a dialogue box that allows you to come in and select which statistics you want to have displayed, simply by turning them on or turning them off.

If you're not exactly sure what something is, for example- Profit Factor, you'll notice that we have hyperlinks that you can select that will go through and give you additional details about that particular feature. Then we hit okay, okay, and that sets up our statistical roll.

This is the chart and of course we can come up here and as a Q-Calc system, allowing us to automatically have TNT calculate the best settings for us, we can select any individual Q-Calc. We click that for example on the BNB's and it goes out and Q-Calc's the best settings for the TNT Autopilot- helping you define a more profitable trading system.

We also have features on the chart if you right click on the chart, you have the ability to change the chart over to different types of charts and also different features!

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