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Using The Symbol Chooser

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to cover the Symbol Chooser. Adding and removing Futures contracts from Track 'n Trade. We can do this or access this feature from multiple locations. The first thing we need to see is the drop-down within the charts tab. You'll notice the charts tab has a list of all of the commodities that are available to you to trade. If you see at the very top of the list, there's a Select Commodity. This is where we can go to open a dialogue box that allows us to select the number of, or list of commodities that we would like to have in our drop-down list. If there is something you want to trade or something you don't want to trade, you can simply select it inside this little list. It will then be added or subtracted from your drop-down window. There's also additional places in which you can go to access this selection window. This little icon here, called the Symbol Chooser will also bring up the Symbol Chooser for you. You go ahead and hit Okay. Or you can come up here to the View tab, slide down to the Symbol Chooser, this will also bring up the same window. Go ahead and hit Okay, and this will populate your different commodities, within your drop-down window, within the charts tab of Track 'n Trade.

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