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How to Set Up Text and Email Alerts

Video Transcript

In this video, we want cover how to setup email and text alerts within Track 'n Trade. I also want to make a note, here, that this feature is exactly the same whether using Track 'n Trade Stocks, Futures, or Forex.

You'll notice that I'm using Futures version for this demonstration. By simply right clicking on the chart you will get a right click menu that you'll notice down here has a Charts Alert Setting. If you go ahead and click that, if you have the Preferences Tab selected, you'll notice that we end up with an Email, Text Alert Window Setting.

The first thing we want to do is, we want to come in here and say Use Email Text Alert. We turn that on. The first thing we get, if we have not set this up, is a Warning Window that says:

You will need to setup your Alert Email Setup First. This is done under the View > Menu > Alert

Email Setup. If you say, Okay, it automatically pulls up the Settings Window. I'm going to go ahead and close this. You can find that same window over here, under View and it's right here, Alert Email Setup. You get the same window. First we have to put this in here. You put My Name, and then you send the Send Email Alert to who you want the email alert to. Which would be, let's just say this is going to be, let's just say, The reply address is going to be the same,

If we come down here and we select Gmail, it's going to automatically select all of our settings for us for the server. If you press the dropdown and your server is not listed, you can press Other. Then you can go in and get your SMTP information from your email provider and fill it in here. Let's go in here, and since ours is just in here as a Gmail account, we're going to go Gmail. it automatically sets this up for us automatically.

It says: Server requires authentication. I'm going to put in my Email User Name. Let's say my User Name is Lan Turner and my Email Password is entered here. Now, we can go ahead and hit Test. It's going to send a test. Of course, the test failed in my case because these are not actual credentials. If you have actual credentials, it will come up and say Test Has Completed. It will then send you an email indicating that it has the correct information.

We also have an Alerts Log. This is going to tell you all of the alerts that it's going to send. You can go down and you can see that it's got a log of everything that it's been sent to you through your Alert System.

We can also Send Account Disconnect and Reconnect messages, if you would like. That's a choice, here. Sometimes you'll lose connection to the internet, for one reason or another. Your internet provider cuts your system or something, this will send you an account disconnect and reconnect if possible. If it can get the email through. If we've lost connection completely, you may not be able to even get emails. But once this is setup, we go ahead and we hit Okay. Now we can come in here and we can say we want to Use Email Text Alerts. We're going to come in here and we're going to say we want Buy and Sell Signals. Maybe we want it to have any time an order is placed, or any time an order is filled, or an order is closed. This is very nice when you're using the Autopilot in particular, because the Autopilot functions autonomously. Often times you'll want it to tell you, notify you when it's doing things.

When it's placing orders, or when an order is filled, or when an order is closed. Once this is done, you can also Add Open Profit and Loss to the message. You add the Account Balance to the message. You can get all kinds of really nice information emailed to you or text messaged to you.

We can also come in and we can have Audible Notifications, as well. We can come in and we can say I want to have a Target Price Audible Only. I can come in and I can say Send Email or Text when the market hits a specific price. You can see in here that we have this Price Setting in here. We can set that by saying Show On Screen Price Marker. It drops it just at the 50% Level. You can drag that with the handle. You can drag it up and down. This is your marker, okay? You can see exactly where, when the market hits this particular price. You can see it updates the price, here, by just moving this line to a new level. Once the market hits this particular level or this white line, which is 5.5200, then the Software or Track 'n Trade is going to email you and text you this information. Of course, you can come in here and you can change the color of the line, if you would like. You can change the Price, the Trigger color, as well. You can also have a Second Trigger Price. We can come in here, do the same thing. Show Another Line. Now we have a second line, this one is red. Once the market hits this Price Level, on a retracement, it will send me this information, once again.

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