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How To Open Multiple Charts and Use Multiple Monitors

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to review the Track 'n Trade Multi-Chart View, as well as, cover the concept of Multiple Session Log-In's on the same computer. I'm doing this demonstration in the Forex version of Track 'n Trade but these features are exactly the same whether using Track 'n Trade Stocks, Futures, or Forex. The next thing I want you to notice, is that we are over here in the Charts Tab. To simply open up some charts, we just need to double click on the symbol. I can very quickly just double click on AUD/USD and it's going to open up the daily chart automatically. I can right click on the top the symbol, and I have a choice of the different tabs that I have set up. These are all customizable, and I can have them be any time frame I want. But if I would like to open up another chart, I can simply open up a chart by simply clicking on that time frame.

I can come in here and just double click and open up several charts, as you can see here. To close a chart, very simply, just right click and say Delete the Chart. It's going to remove the chart from the list. I currently have four charts open, as you can see. One for each one of these symbols. Each one is a daily chart. I'm only displaying one at a time. If I would like to rotate through the charts, I could simply click the header. As I click the header, it'll rotate down through each one of the individual charts. But if I would like to look at all of the charts on the screen at the same time, there are several ways I can do that. One of those ways is by clicking this little icon, right here, in the upper right hand corner, which means Tile. If I click that, you'll notice that it opens up the chart in a display such as this.

Because we deleted one chart, it's left a blank spot. Very simply, to fill that spot, all we need to do is grab the header of one of our charts, and drag it up into the empty slot. You can move the charts around. Let's say I would like to bring the GBPB/USD up to the corner. All I do is grab the header and drag it over the top and it changes places, and it relocates that chart.

To go back to a single chart, all we have to do to go back to a Single Chart View, is go up to this icon right here. It's the center icon, once again, if we click on that icon, it brings that chart full screen. There's another way that we can access this, as well. If we come up here to View Menu, you'll notice that we have a drop-down menu that comes down here. It says Multi-Chart Mode and we just select that. It's going to, once again, take us to the Multi-Chart Mode.

Many of you will have multiple monitors. What we recommend here at Gecko Software, is that you can open up the software multiple times by simply, clicking on the desktop icon multiple times and logging into the software, in multiple sessions. Then you can slide by grabbing the header of the software and slide it over onto each individual monitor. Each individual monitor can then have a single view chart or a multi-view chart on each monitor, depending on the number of monitors you have. We recommend that you open up a new instance of each of the software for each individual monitor, all of them, logging into the same account. That way you'll have the same account information on each monitor and all the information available to you in each location.

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