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How To Manage the Control Panel

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to review the Control Panel controls, as well as the Dynamic Indicator settings within Track 'n Trade. I'm doing this demonstration in the Forex version of Track 'n Trade, but these features are exactly the same whether using Track 'n Trade Stocks, Futures, or Forex.

The first thing I want you to notice is that the Control Panel is on the right hand side of the chart. We can move that Control Panel over to the left hand side, simply by coming up to the View tab and saying we would like to have that Control Panel on the left hand side. By selecting the left hand side, we then move the Control Panel over to the left hand side. The Control Panel has been put on the right hand side. We can do that, once again, just by removing that check mark on the Control Panel left hand side. It then puts it back on the right hand side. The reason we put it over on the right hand side by default, is because this is generally the working side of the chart. The chart where we're getting the new price bars. To place orders the drawing location or the movement of the mouse is a closer location to the chart by having the controls on the right hand side. That's why this is set here, by default.

Another thing I want to draw your attention to, is the Tabs across the top of the chart. You'll notice that each tab has a symbol as well as words that indicate what each tab does. We can change that and simplify that. You'll notice that these tabs have rolled over onto two rows. If we would like to have just the icons and get rid of the labels themselves, again, we come over here to the View Tab, we slide down to where we have on here where it says we have the Control Tab Description. Simply, uncheck that. Of course, that's set as default with those turned on, but we can turn those off. You'll notice that it simplifies the Tab settings and just has the icons themselves.

The next thing I would like to draw your attention to, is the Indicator Window. In the Indicator Window you'll notice that we have the Indicator drawn. But we have a feature that allows us to look at the Indicator being calculated with every new Tic that comes across the chart. As we come up here, we say View, we slide down to Dynamic Indicator Update; we flip that on. This comes up with the Warning that says:

'The Dynamic Indicator Update allows all visible indicators to be recalculated and redrawn with each market price change, instead of once per chart interval.

Enabling this option may cause less than optimal performance with too many visible indicators and charts.

You can reduce it's impact by:

  • Using the fastest processor and video cart available.
  • Switching to single chart mode.
  • Reducing the number of indicators that are active.
  • Deleting charts that you are not trying to use or trade on.

Do you wish to enable this Dynamic Indicator Update? We're going to go ahead and say Yes.

You'll notice that as each new Price Bar or each new Tic that comes through. (this is the Stochastics Indicator) You'll notice that the Stochastics Indicator will update with every single new Tic that comes across the screen. As that happens, each new Tic updates the indicator. Generally, when we turn that off the Indicator is not calculated until the end of every Price Bar. When a new Price Bar is printed, we update the settings for the indicator. But if you would like to see the indicator update every single time with every single new Tic, this is a possibility through Track 'n Trade, by turning on that Dynamic Tracking.

Again, it takes a lot of resources and we recommend you use it very wisely.

That's just a quick review of the Control Panel and the Dynamic Indicator Updates within Tack 'n Trade.

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