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How to Set up User Defaults

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to demonstrate how to apply your current chart settings to all charts globally. Also, how to make those settings your chart defaults within Track 'n Trade.

I'm doing this demonstration in the Stocks version of Track 'n Trade, but these features are exactly the same whether using Track 'n Trade Stocks, Futures, or Forex.

The first thing I want to do is I want come in and setup some different settings. Let's say for example we want to come in and in our charts we want to turn on the Bolliinger Bands. Bollinger Bands are very popular Indicator. Let's say we want to make some changes, maybe we feel like this blue color, that is the TNT default is a little bit dark. We can lighten that up by coming down here and saying we want that to be a medium color. Here we're going to change this one to a medium color. I like that setting and I want to have that put on all my charts. How do I do that? Every time I open up a new chart, or I want to apply it to all my existing charts. If we would like to apply this setting to all the charts, that we already have open, we say Apply Settings to All Charts. This is going to take the settings that we have currently on the screen, and apply it to all of our active charts that are in Track 'n Trade. They will all now have this setting for the Bollinger Bands, with these colors.

If we would also like to also make this be our default setting, so that every chart we open from this point on, we can come down here and say Save Settings as My Defaults. If we do that, now every new chart we open up will look exactly like this, with this settings and these colors.

That's just a quick example of how we can setup the chart color and settings defaults within Track 'n Trade.

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