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Cursor Price vs. Last Price

Video Transcript
In this video, we want to cover the cursor price vs. last price. I also want to make special note, here, that this feature is exactly the same whether we're using Track 'n Trade Stocks, Futures, or Forex. I'm currently using the Futures version in this demonstration.

I want you to first, take a close look at the software in two specific locations. One: directly on the chart, here, in the upper left hand corner. You'll see the cursor price is represented. You'll notice that as I move the cursor around, the Open High/Low Close Vol. and Open Interest in the change are represented as the cursor is over the Price Bar representative of the information of the Price Bar that the cursor is hovering over.

You'll also notice the same information is repeated down here in the bottom window, or in the bottom little panel. You'll see that we have the Last, the Date, the Open High/Low Close, and this information is represented as the cursor goes over the chart, as well. It's a duplicate, we have it two locations.

Rather than having this information duplicated in two locations, we can change the information down here, in the bottom panel. By coming up to View. selecting Last Price, you'll notice that it says Status on the Price Bar. This is Last Price. Now when we move the cursor, you'll notice that the information in the upper left hand corner is changing, to represent the cursor. But down here in the bottom Control Panel window, this window down here. This is the Open High/Low Close of the current, or of the last current Price Bar. That's not changing, anymore, now that the cursor is moving, we only have the cursor information up in the chart. We have down in the Status Bar, we have the last price listed, for the last Price Bar of the chart.

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